i-love-fitnessHaving a love for fitness and general health and well being is really where the journey begins for most people in the fitness industry.

If you have this fundamental goal ingrained into your DNA the Fitness industry can really be a wonderful journey where you live a fabulous lifestyle and really making the world a better place, by helping people live longer healthier lives.

Certificate III in Fitness is really the beginning of your journey in the fitness industry.
This allows you to work in a gymnasium of a health Club. Many schools and government departments are now asking for this entry level qualification as a prerequisite to a job.

Certificate III in Fitness is also a prerequisite for Certificate IV in fitness which allows you to become a qualified personal trainer which in turn enables you to begin your own business in the Fitness industry.

This is where all the fun starts and you have the capacity to specialize on particular areas such as the Elderly, Children even other special populations such as Obesity, Diabetes etc.