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Get the competitive edge by offering students preparatory courseware and certification opportunities during their formal education process. Fit2B educational partners receive the license and courseware at no cost including the essential tools an instructor needs to conduct a semester long health and fitness certification exam review course for the FIT2B Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer, certifications. With a comprehensive, research-based academic curriculum, students benefit by taking the class during the course of their education, preparing them to enter the workforce with a college degree and a Nationally Accredited certification.
Gain all the tools you need with complete, flexible programs designed for a variety of educational settings. The courseware and support materials for curriculum partners are designed to fit the specific needs of four-year colleges and universities, community colleges and vocational programs. Instructors are given all the necessary tools at no cost to easily integrate the curriculum within their unique educational environments. The materials serve as a roadmap for teaching the course but also give instructors the freedom to tailor lectures as desired to supplement and enhance the students' learning experience.
Offer students and staff the benefit of cost-effective solutions. We are committed to providing cost-effective health and fitness certification and educational programs, ensuring that a broad spectrum of institutions and students receive the FIT2B advantage. Discounts on materials and certifications are available to students enrolled in the program.

You obviously want to staff your fitness and recreational facilities with qualified individuals who are properly trained to provide safe and effective techniques to your students, faculty and other individuals using your facilities. Unfortunately, however, many people called "trainers" don't always possess these competencies nor have the proper level of training. By requiring that your fitness staff earn FIT2B certifications, you can feel confident they are properly trained fitness professionals with the requisite knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective exercise programming and supervision. Additionally, the students and staff of your fitness and recreational facilities can receive preferred pricing on FIT2B certification and educational programs.

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student-testimonial Hi there!
Fit2B’s personal training course is like no other. It provides great flexibility especially if you have a busy lifestyle. It allowed me to continue work and study ...
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