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You will be immersed, trained, coached and nurtured to be the best fitness instructor, personal trainer or group exercise instructor. Our Coaches are industry professionals and will ensure you get the best possible training. And you'll have a ton of fun along the way!

You will never get bored or be left sitting behind a desk. You'll be constantly engaged both physically and mentally.

  We will fast track your career   with gym skills and personal training skills, including studio/outdoor/group training, sports conditioning, clinical exercise prescription and important related areas including business, nutrition and people skills.

Personal Trainer Qualifications You Need?

The   fitness curriculum   addresses exactly what you need to know with specific subjects relevant to the industry - so you won't have to tackle unnecessary content that you'll never apply.
No matter what your age or current position, we can accelerate your success and help you find your fulfilling niche in the exciting world of fitness. This could be your opportunity to run your own personal training studio and enjoy the lifestyle buzz that is totally unique to the fitness industry. Imagine having the skills to work anywhere in the world and to have the freedom to take control of your own destiny.   It's your future and it's your choice .

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Postal Address: G.P.O. Box 2322, Melbourne ,Vic 3001

Student Testimonial

student-testimonial Hi there!
Fit2B’s personal training course is like no other. It provides great flexibility especially if you have a busy lifestyle. It allowed me to continue work and study ...
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