Even though I was already working long hours in the fitness industry and it was hard to fit in extra study time into an already hectic schedule, Fit2B made it so easy and enjoyable for me to upgrade my qualifications that I have now been successful in getting a promotion and a better paid position as a Personal Trainer.

Christine Campbell (Queensland)

As an international visitor, undertaking my Certificate III & IV in fitness with Fit2B has allowed me to start a new career for myself in a very difficult employment market in France. I have never had so much fun learning with my classmates and staff at Fit2b. Thank you for giving me future direction.

Matthieu Auda (France)



As a qualified Naturopath and mother, the importance of becoming a Personal Trainer by doing the course with Fit2b has allowed me to provide a further service to my client base as well as have an active involvement in my children’s physical development as they grow.

Caterina Panettieri (Carlton, Vic.)

Fit2B Australia has helped me to take the personal training concept to my home town in India. Although I worked in the IT area, fitness was my passion and with the help of expert Fit2B staff they created a unique concept that I am able to use back in India where the industry is still in its infancy.

Rajesh Chunilal Shah (India)



Fit2B provided me with so much more than just a qualification as a personal trainer on a piece of paper. The counseling and planning before I made the move as a departmental manager in one of Australia’s largest companies was such a crucial part in my foundational career change planning. Once I finished the course I was able to get work immediately and start forging ahead for the future.

Mathew Glanfield (Malvern)

As a mother of three, who has been out of the workforce for such a long period I was anxious about whether the information in the course would be too difficult. Due to the small class sizes and the personalized assistance provided by Fit2B Australia I don’t know what I was worrying about. It was also important for me to be involved with the development of my 3 children as they move through each of the physical development stages. I was able to start my Personal Training business from home and now I coach clients consisting of mothers and children at times that suit me. I can now run my family, keep fit and earn money all at the same time. Becoming a Fit2B Certified Personal Trainer helped me to achieve my goals.

Jacqui Papas (North Fitzroy, Vic)



The Fit2B staff were so much fun and really accommodating. I loved the course so much that I got my mum to do the course as well. I was able to almost immediately make a career change and now I work in an exclusive leisure centre which I thought was out of my league.

Melissa Holden (Williamstown)

I have always been interested in working in the Sports & Fitness Industry, however in Country Victoria where I come from the opportunities were limited. I couldn’t believe the high profile lecturers that were teaching us in the Fit2B Personal Trainer course. Trainers that have been involved with AFL teams and coached high profile athletes. The guest speakers were especially interesting and the assistance provided by Fit2B to gain employment within the industry was especially helpful to get me a job fast.

Chris Deed (Bendigo)


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