Boulder Shoulder

Learn how to program for the problematic shoulder

Fact 1. The Personal Training Industry is becoming crowded with many new graduates.
What knowledge makes you different from the rest?
Fact 2. As a Personal Trainer it will be assumed you have obtained specialised knowledge to work with clients requiring rehabilitation.
Do you have the skills to work with people “outside of the norm”?
Fact 3. You need to differentiate yourself and provide a higher level of service than your competitors to charge more than them!
Develop the skills to provide appropriate and unique shoulder exercises for clients that need them!

2 evening seminar

  • Learn the functional anatomy of the shoulder
  • Learn the most common shoulder injuries you will be required to deal with as a Personal Trainer
  • Learn unique and effective techniques for shoulder rehabilitation using apparatus such as Olympic Weights, Kettlebells, and Indian Clubs
  • With specialised knowledge this seminar will give you the tools to work with clients with problematic shoulders and the ability to recognise the most common shoulder complaints you are likely to encounter

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student-testimonial Hi there!
Fit2B’s personal training course is like no other. It provides great flexibility especially if you have a busy lifestyle. It allowed me to continue work and study ...
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