Certificate IV in Retail



The SIR40207 Certificate IV in Retail Management provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in the first line management skills of those working in the retail and/ or wholesale industries. It applies to those who are managing a small retail outlet, a section or department within a larger wholesale business.

This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway.

Job Roles 

Individuals with this qualification are able to perform roles, such as:

  • Managing a small to medium retail store group or franchise outlet
  • Managing an independent retail store
  • Managing a wholesale outlet
  • Departmental/section management in a retail or wholesale business
  • Functional management roles, such as merchandise management
  • Management of an inside or outside sales team in wholesale business



This qualification contains Employability Skills.


  • Negotiate effectively with team members and other managers on business values, directions and day-to-day operational matters.
  • Read, analyse and communicate workplace information to team members and other managers
  • Write reports and complete business documentation in the context of the job role.


  • Lead a retail or wholesale business team
  • Mentoring and supporting team members in the context of a retail supervision or management role.
  • Effectively participate in wider retail business supervisory/ management teams
  • Working independently to complete own tasks and also supporting other team members where appropriate

Problem Solving

  • Implement customer service strategies anticipating problems and acting to mitigate where possible.
  • Solve a range of operational retail or wholesale operational business problems; individually or in  the context of a wider team management structure.
  • Clarify issues and apply existing policies and infrastructure to source information and resource and develop practical and sustainable solutions.

Initiative and enterprise

  • Create an operational business team customer service and continuous improvement environment across all performance areas.
  • Provide positive feedback, encourage team to do things better and be personally receptive to team members ideas.
  • Translate ideas into action by positively accepting and initiating changes in procedures or arrangements at the business level.

Planning and organising

  • Establish and communicate clear goals and deliverables for self and team members within the context of organisation objectives and the current business situation; and coordinate resources to ensure that work is carried out according to timelines and priorities
  • Coordinate and or implement changes arising from continuous improvement processes


  • Understand how own personal job role fits into the context of the wider business values and direction
  • Work within the retail or wholesale business culture by practicing inclusive behaviour, effective management or personal presentation, hygiene, and time; and efficiently prioritise and complete delegated tasks
  • Maintain own knowledge of the job role, review own performance and actively seek and act upon advice and guidance.


  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in the context of the job role and recognise how to personally learn best at work.
  • Seek opportunities for formal education in the context of current role or future job opportunities.
  • Accept opportunities to learn new ways of doing things and share knowledge and skills with other business managers and team managers


  • Adapt to new business related technology skill requirements and select and use retail or other information and communications technology where relevant, to support business operations and planning in the context of key business performance objectives and personal job role.



The SIR40207 Certificate IV in Retail Management is a self-directed, practical work-based course with online components. The course is delivered over 6- months (24 weeks).

Courses commence all throughout the year and you are able to start on the day you enrol. All assessments and workbooks must be completed and submitted before the last day indicated. The below table is a suggested guide/timetable for completing the course.

SIR40207 Certificate IV in Retail Management - Fulltime (6 months)



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